Finishing Off

I’m declaring the rest of March to be finishing off month. Now we have done at the NEC things are going back to normal instead of everything being focused on what we need to do for the show. I had a look in my workroom which is badly in need of a sort out. My drawer tidying operation hasn’t got to that room yet! I found I had quite a few bags of cut out projects. So I’m going to finish them off before I start anything else.

This morning I came across a pinafore dress style top that Wendy started about two years ago. It is a checked fabric which she had great fun cutting out, matching everything as she went. The problems arose when she came to sew it up & the fabric kept on moving so the checks didn’t match when she had stitched them. So it was just pushed into a bag  & left.  I’ve carefully smoothed everything out. Carefully, as she left all the pins in along with the pattern. This is going to be the first job.

There is also a bag containing the dress I cut out, again for Wendy in January. I used the birds eye tweed we have in the shop to cut out a skirt for me & a dress for Wendy with the leftovers. I did finish the skirt for me but moved on to better things after that. Another half finished skirt popped up as well.

Another bag contains 2 nightdresses, one with inserted trims that I started to show everyone how to insert lace. I don’t think that ever got published. I’ll check & see what I can come up with. There are many small pieces of fabric ready to go with patterns placed in-between them so I won’t forget what I was going to do with them. Last but not least two skirts which I’m shortening for my friend who is coming to help me redesign my back garden.

How much more of March is there left?  Well I’ll start with  finishing off the first two projects & see where we get to.

Finishing projects 2