Results of Finishing off

Results of Finishing off.

Posting to the whole world that you are going to finish off projects certainly focuses the mind. I did manage to get a few projects finished. My sister, as usual came off better than I did. I finished her a top to go over trousers. This top is one that she started a couple of years ago.

result of finishing off

Result of Finishing off Top

The only problem with finishing this is that it is going to be to warm to wear it now. Oh well at least she will be prepared for next winter!

The other two projects I tackled were both made from the same pattern. The first, a skirt for me just needed the lining putting in & a waistband. I didn’t finish this at the time I made it because I used it as a toille fitting for the dress that I just have to hand stitch & give a good press to. As you can see from the photo’s the skirt panel pattern continues right through the bodice. This is a Burda pattern which was in the magazine just before Christmas.

Result of Finishing Off

Panelled skirt

Result of Finishing off

Panelled Dress

You may remember me starting this as I cut a skirt out for me & this dress from the Birdseye tweed we had in the shop.

Skirt Result of Finishing Off

Panelled Skirt

Wendy is hoping I’m going to make her more of this style dress for work. We’ll have to see how that turns out!

Now I’ve finished these projects I have to decide what to do next. As I mentioned in the last blog post I do have quite a few more unfinished items. Do I carry on & finish them all or start something new?

I do have a few new ideas brewing. I think a new project might be a good idea!