Chatsworth House Exhibition

Chatsworth House Exhibition.

I spent a rather wonderful day at Chatsworth house last Sunday. The House Style: Five centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth, is well worth a visit. I was in my element. All the beautiful rooms at Chatsworth have been turned into a fashion museum. There are all sorts of clothes featured. Unfortunately, for me my camera battery ran out about half way round. This has probably saved your sanity though! I do have a habit of snapping hundreds of photos & at Chatsworth they don’t mind.

The clothes have all been worn at some time by the present & former Duke’s & Duchess’s. The formal state robes some of them dating back to the 19th Century are fantastic. This jacket is made by Henry Poole the oldest tailor on Saville Row. I love the embroidery on it.

There are all sorts of other things on display as well as the fashion. One case has photos & invitations to coronations etc. one of the former Duchess’s was mistress of the Dress to Queen Mary. Just about any famous designer you can name has something in this exhibition. I lost count of all of them & some of the following pictures I really couldn’t tell you who designed them I was so excited by it all.

Two dresses that really caught my eye were these two by Jean Philippe Worth. Who was of course the son of Charles Worth (the first French couturier).

The workmanship on both of these gowns is fantastic. The details amazing. The photos don’t really show everything.

The dress here has the most beautiful embroidery on it. I just love the bumble bee.

This dress was worn to one of the balls at Chatsworth. It’s a photo taken on my phone, which I had to resort to. Can you imagine wearing a skirt this big? I know if I wore it everything would be swept away wherever I walked!

We spent most of the day going around the exhibition. It’s a good job they gave us a voucher for half price admission for our next visit so I can go back & photograph the bits I missed & see the grounds in more detail. By the time we came out there wasn’t enough time to see some of the outside. I would take the time to see this exhibition if you possibly can it’s well worth the trip.