Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects..

I’m feeling rather smug about my sewing at the moment. I carried on with the theme of finishing up all my unfinished projects & the dress in this picture which only needs hand finishing is the last one. The list I have done is far too boring to read through but we both have quite a few new clothes. I can’t believe that I had so many bags full of half- finished items. I’m not usually that bad!!

UFO’s Finished

Anyway, now they are all out of the way I’m going to embark on a binge of making suits. In the next few weeks I’m teaching quite a few tailoring courses, starting next week with the jacket fitting course.  This course gives the students the chance to get a perfectly fitting jacket pattern to make a jacket in whatever tailoring style suits the fabric. I have already got the pattern to fit me from doing the preparation to teach this course a long time ago. I am going to alter the style a bit just so I don’t finish up with jackets that look the same.

Of course, I have several pieces of cloth for suits some of which would suit the speed tailoring method & some for the traditional version. As I’m teaching both the two day speed tailoring sample making course & the four day course where you make your own jacket + the six day traditional tailoring course in the next few weeks I figure that I can make some suits for me whilst demonstrating for students.

I also want to do some blog writing comparing the two styles at the same stage. Lots of ladies have problems knowing what the difference is & I hope I can answer a few questions along the way.

I’m intending to make either the skirts or trousers to go with the jackets in-between getting the jacket to the next stage for the course. So wish me luck in getting these done. I think I’m going to fully enjoy the whole process. Tailoring is my first love & if I can dedicate lots of time to it I’m a happy bunny. Don’t forget to check back to see how I’m getting on.