The Miracle of Setting up Day

We have just comeback from setting up the stand at the NEC for Sewing for Pleasure. The Miracle of Setting up Day occured again, my sister Wendy managed to get all the equipment, clothes & stand furniture in to the back of our car! I don’t know how she doe’s it every year. This year she even had  space to spare. We could see out of the back whilst driving as well. I think she must have been Mary Poppins in another life & turns the car into her bag!

You may notice from the photo that she looks much fatter than normal. that’s due to the amount of clothing we have to wear when setting up. It’s absolutely freezing in the hall as they have to have all the doors open so people can get their stock inside. We usually finish up wearing wrist warmers & coats as well.

Once we got everything in to the hall it was just a matter of sorting it all out.

Our first problem was finding the stand. They have re-organised the whole exhibition & we are now on stand number B16. I’ve been telling everyone to come & see us on the original stand number. No doubt I will get complaints, so I’m saying sorry now. At least now we have moved we don’t have a fabric stand opposite to us, phew! I might get away with not buying any fabric. We’ve had one miracle, why not two!

The second problem was, the wattage on the stand wasn’t big enough for the iron I use despite me telling them the exact amount of watts I would be using. They are supposed to have fixed it, & I did try out the iron before I left & everything seemed OK. Some of you may remember last year I blew all the electricity on the whole block  10 minutes after the show opened, & they told me I couldn’t use my iron. If you are there early tomorrow morning & find me missing from the stand I will probably be in the organisers office confessing to what I’ve done.

I’m quite pleased with the way the stand has turned out, from the mess we created when we got there to the finished product  took us about two hours. Unfortunately I was about half way back to Syston when I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture of the finished stand!! I’ll try to remember when I get there in the morning. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you coming to the show tomorrow.