Sewing for Pleasure Day 3

Day three, the busiest day of the show so far.

The interest in the courses has been good today, with people from near & far. The amount of people at the show today from Leicester was amazing.

This morning we arrived at the show really early as the roads were clear, which meant that we had extra time for shopping. I guess that means that it is going to take me extra time to get the stash below 50.

Also before the show was open this morning we went and took some photos of the Kimonos, here are just a few of the collection. My favourite is the wedding kimono (Main Photo) which is beige in colour with embroidered Cherry blossom and crane’s on. The embroidery on them is exquisite. The Kimonos are only embroidered with the flower available at the time of the year of the wedding, hence this wedding must have been around April the time of the cherry blossom.

The challenge scoreboard is at 3 Bra’s and 5 pairs of knickers. I had to make sure the knickers count was up today in case we got snowed in tonight!

Hopefully we will get home tomorrow night without to many snow problems. All being well I will be in the shop on Monday.

If you are at the show tomorrow don’t forget to come and say hello. The blog post for tomorrow’s show may not be posted until Monday morning as we have to take down the stand after the show finishes tomorrow evening.