Silk Bra

I love the feel of pure silk (who doesn’t)!
I was at a supplier’s factory the other week when he suddenly said have you seen the stretch silk satin. I had missed it in his warehouse but as soon as he showed me, I had to have some for the shop. Lots of my customers complain when they come in to the shop that they can’t resist buying the fabrics, we have in stock. When I’m with a supplier, I have the same problem but unlike my customers who can buy as little as 30cms, I have to buy a whole roll. Fortunately, for my bank balance, they were only ends of rolls but they still managed to find their way into my car & came back to the shop with me.
As I was rolling them on to the cards for the shop, I came across the beautiful mint green colour & the supplier had been using one end to send out samples. This had left quite a big piece, which was jagged. I had to straighten the end out so it was suitable for the shop. Then the question popped in to my head, what shall I do with this piece of pure silk? It didn’t take very much time to decide, the odd piece found it’s way in to my bag & went home with me.
I always need new underwear, it doesn’t matter how many bras & knickers I have, I always need more. Whilst searching through my stash for lace to go with this fabric I came across a piece of lace which found its way home due to it being damaged in the shop. It was a perfect match for the fabric. Now before anyone tries to order it we sold out of it sometime ago after I did a course with it.
I managed to get all the pieces for the cups & front band from the scrap of silk from the straightened up silk. There was also enough for the gusset in a pair of knickers. So I went back to the shop & bought enough to make the rest of the knickers.

I decided to do the back of the bra in a pale ivory satin that I also had in the stash. At the time I thought the silk wouldn’t be strong enough for the support on the back. Having made the bra I think it would have been fine. The ivory matches in well with the strapping I used & the bra back is ivory too.
Making up this fabric was a joy. As you can see from the picture, I’ve made a power bar cup & shaped the lace so it comes down in to the lower cup. This lace is so pretty on both edges that I couldn’t just chop a bit off for the middle seam. I have tried the set on & it feels fantastic. I can’t wait to wear it.
I know when I have them on no one will know what I’m wearing but I will know & it will make me smile every time I think about it. I love making garments from scraps of fabric most people would throw away. We do have this same fabric in a soft peach colour & a non stretch version in a fantastic lavender colour & black. I’m very tempted to do more with each colour but I’ll let you have a chance to buy some before I do!