Update on Stash Busting

Stash Busting.

I have to admit that stash busting has been disrupted by sporting events this week. Although I said I would sew whilst the World Cup was on, I did have to watch England the other night. We had a power cut in the village about 10 minutes before the end of extra time. I was lucky at my house as it came back on after 3 minutes & we saw the end of the game. In the middle of the village, it didn’t come back until after the match had finished! Of course, Wimbledon has started as well, this is my type of sport & I could sit for hours watching.

I have, however done some sewing & this morning finished the dress in the main photo. It looks a bit weird on the hanger but looks very nice on. I didn’t have the time to try it on for the photo this morning. You may recognise the fabric. It is one of the pure cotton shirting’s we had in the shop earlier on in the year. This piece had a fault in it, hence the reason I took it home (good excuse)!! We do still have some in the shop. When I saw the piece, I thought it would only be enough to make a shirt but I looked through my patterns & came across this shirt-waist dress. I love the colours on this fabric as gold & turquoise is quite an unusual combination. The fabric is 60″ (150) cms wide so the dress came out of the length quite easily.  I’m really looking forward to wearing it. In this hot weather, I prefer to wear a dress rather than skirt & top. I find waistbands very hot.

I’ve already started work on the cut off trousers that I showed you the fabric for, last post. As you can see from the photo I’ve managed to get the pockets in & I’m about to put in the zip.

I’ve also managed to cut out the nightshirt made from the crazy sheep fabric. The floral sundress for Wendy is also done. Phew!! At this rate I will make my target of having my stash down to 50 pieces before the end of the World Cup. I wonder what I can do to celebrate? Well, I have my eye on this fabric available in the shop for another dress!!!!

Floral Stretch Fabric