The Never Ending Roll of Fabric.

I’ve been working on using up some cotton fabric recently. I had this roll of fabric left from when I used to make hand painted shirts. There was more on the roll than I thought but I have just about used it up now. You may remember me making a shirt decorated in butterflies earlier on in the Summer. This is the same roll of fabric. I decided that I needed a new dressing gown or wrap. So I set to work & cut out a standard kimono wrap. About this time, I found some motifs in the stockroom that I thought I’d sold out of.

I love the flower & bud motif on this lace. The way it’s pictured is the way we bought them. They should be used as they are as the top cup decoration on a bra & I have used them in this way before but I decided to cut out the motifs & use them as trimmings for the wrap. I don’t really like a dressing gown that just has a belt tied around the waist, as I feel like a bag of rubbish tied up in the middle. So, I decided to put some pleats in the back of the wrap & just have the belt tying from the side seams. This gave me the perfect place to put the trimming. I think it works well.

I also decorated the pocket on the front.

It’s very easy to apply these motifs just by using a small zig-zag stitch & sewing all around the edge.

When I had finished this project, I still had some fabric left, so I’m currently making a nightshirt to wear underneath the wrap. Here is the pocket all ready to go on to the nightshirt. I’ve added a small ribbon bow to this decoration to finish it off.

I think when that’s finished I should have used up most of the fabric on the roll. I’m hoping so, even though this is one of my favourite colours there is a limit to how much of it you can wear!