New Stock

New Stock

Over the past few months, every time I seem to reorder stock, something seems to have gone up in price. I’ve been trying to keep my prices the same & have been searching for new suppliers who can provide the goods I want at the price & quality for the standard of English Couture.

To this end, I have had a new supply of Dot & Cross paper in. It is a bit different to the normal dot & cross paper. When I first saw it I was a bit disappointed, but having tried it out I’m more than impressed. As you can see from the photo below, it not only has the dots & crosses of the original paper but division lines, which break up the dots & crosses. Therefore, you still have the lines for the straight grain but they don’t all merge in to one when measuring it up on the fabric. When I’m doing a lot of pattern cutting, I sometimes have to take a break, as the lines seem to merge. With this paper it doesn’t happen. Also it has a smooth finish to the paper which makes it easier to cut, & produces a nicer finish to the pattern. Of course, this ticks the box on price. I’m able to keep the cost at the price it has been at for about 5 years. £4.99 per. 5mtrs.

The other item, which I’m pleased about is my zips. The cost of them has soared over the last few months. Again, I’ve managed to find a supplier who is a direct importer for YKK. The best zips you can buy. The only thing that is different about his zips are that they don’t have a fancy tab on them. You know the bit you pull off & throw away before you put the zip in to your garment.  I have to put a hook tab on them in the shop to hang them on the display rack. You can always tell a YKK zip because on the back of the pulley it says YKK.

He has managed to get me long open-ended coat zips, which match the raincoat fabric in the shop. I can’t buy these from my regular supplier.  They are available in 80cms (32″) 85cms (34″) & 90cms (36″). Again I have managed to keep the price lower than most of my competitors.

Long Coat Zips

Some of you will have been lucky enough to have bought the padded coat fabric, which I had in stock recently, this was probably the bargain of the year at £8.95 per mtr. As usual, I got the fabric at a brilliant price & so I pass it on to my customers.

I will continue to search for the best deals for my customers with all my stock, & keep a look out for some fantastic bargains next year.