Accessories to go with the Padded Coat

Accessories to go with the Padded Coat

I had a bit of fabric left over, after making the padded coat I made for my sister before Christmas. So, as a surprise for her for Christmas, I decided to make some accessories to go with the coat. She likes to wear a rucksack instead of carrying a handbag, so I set to with a pattern I have tried out & modified a couple of times.

This bag uses quite big pieces for the main front & back of the bag. I had enough to do the back of the bag but when it came to the front of it the piece, I had left wasn’t long enough. I had a piece of leather look cloth in my stash & so I decided to use that for the bottom half of the front. Once it was teamed with the pocket flaps & straps, it looked like it was meant to be. I like to work with this imitation leather, because it really is a fabric so easy to use.

One thing you might like to bear in mind when using it is, sometimes ordinary machine feet get a bit stuck on the surface. If this happens, I use a Teflon foot or plastic foot. If you don’t have either of these put some talcum powder on to the fabric surface before you sew. This will help the foot to glide over the fabric & will easily brush off when you have sewn it. I also use a leather needle in the machine.

I liked the wooden buttons for the flaps as well. They came out of my button box at home.  I used magnetic buttons underneath to keep the flaps closed. Wendy’s love of pockets extends to handbags as well as coats. So, the inside of the bag has numerous pockets for anything she decides she needs to carry.

With the smaller pieces that were leftover I decided to make some mittens. The inside of the mittens is fleece, so they are very warm to wear. Wendy likes to tuck them into the sleeves of the coat.

They are a bit cumbersome & doing anything whilst wearing them can be a bit difficult but as you can see from the final picture, she likes to wear them.