NEC Day Two

A much better start to the day. We sailed through the traffic to arrive at the NEC in record time. Brilliant, plenty of time to have a look around & of course to shop. Now, at the beginning of the week I was cheering as I have got  my stash down to 41 pieces, I know that’s still a lot of fabric, but a lot less than I used to have. Well this morning the numbers went up by a lot. I bought some pure Shetland wool in beautiful muted shades with heather tones, a piece of wool & cashmere in beige & a bargain skirt length of wool & cashmere in a navy pin stripe. Wendy also bought a couple of pieces one for pyjamas & one for some cut off trousers. She then informed me that she might need the trousers when we go away for a couple of days in two weeks time. It doesn’t take very long to make the trousers as I have a pattern that fits perfectly, but I think that deadline might be pushing it a bit.

We also went around to see a display of the costumes from the TV series Vanity fair.I haven’t seen this version of it but I do have the series recorded for when I get a few minutes to spare to see it. As you can see I took quite a lot photo’s, it’s easy when there is no one around.

I love the red dress but the hats have to be my favourite part of the display. We did eventually get to the stand & have had a great day seeing lots of people. The shirt making is going reasonably well. I’ve just about finished one shirt & have made parts of a second one. Less talking & more making would help but I’m there to talk to everyone who comes to the stand. So, if you are at the  show tomorrow come & see how much you can disrupt the shirt making process. See you there.