Summer Sewing


I hope everyone here in the UK is enjoying this amazing sunny weather at the moment. I’ve spent most of the Easter weekend in the garden but all the time I’ve been outside I’ve been thinking about sewing for the Summer. I’m currently making a short sleeved nightshirt from a piece of fabric I bought at the NEC in March. I couldn’t resist this button fabric. (I know making it up already, has to be a record). I have actually made up 3 more of the pieces I bought at the NEC. One into another nightshirt, one pair of pyjamas & a pair of cut off trousers. I have been very busy. This is what you can do when you have patterns that you know will fit you & all you have to do is make them up. See below.

Fabric for nightshirt


Now, I have to turn my thoughts to Summer clothes. I’m thinking about making new dresses, I made a few last year & have found them much easier to wear than tops & bottoms. Although I did make some wide leg cutoff trousers & loved wearing them too. I have another idea brewing in my head about a jacket.  I did buy a piece of silk & cashmere at the show which would make a jacket or I do have another piece in the stash which would also do the job. I’m thinking about a fixed tie fastening at the front  with a design feature on the back with buttons. It may or may not incorporate some lace as well. This would be a complete change for me as I usually wear quite formal jackets. I think it might be a bit of fun, I’m trying to figure out if I would wear it enough to justify the time to make it. Now, whether this will come to fruition is another thing but until I have had a go at it the idea won’t go away. So, watch this space for details.