Leopard Print

Tomorrow I’m going to another photography course. It was a birthday present form my sister Wendy. We are going to photograph wild cats, including endangered leopards. I just hope the rain stops otherwise it could be a very soggy experience. We are going to Hertfordshire for the course, I can’t wait.  If I get some good shots, I’ll let you know.

This got me thinking about fabrics, as leopard print is very fashionable. Of course, the best model of leopard skin print is the leopard, they are such beautiful animals, with very cute faces. I do tend to buy leopard print without realising it. I have to make a real effort not to buy too much of it when I’m at the wholesalers. Some of you may remember me making up the denim with leopard print for the NEC show a couple of years ago.




I had great fun with this stand. Proving that you can make all sorts of different garments from one type of fabric. I got the idea from my students. When this fabric first came in to the shop I was showing everyone because it was so unusual, the fabric is a layer of denim on top of a layer leopard print chiffon. The denim has been cut away & then the two fabrics have been embroidered together. Everyone seemed to have a different idea as to what they would make using it. I teamed it up with some leopard print chiffon which I already had in the shop. The evening dress has a boned bodice inside.

Leopard Print denim


I do still have some of these fabrics in the shop, along with a lining with a leopard skin pattern.



I also have a pink tiger print fabric which I have made a summer dress from, but you may have different ideas!