Tiger/Leopard Print Dress

It’s been quite a long time since I wrote a post. It has been very busy around here. This is something I’m very pleased about, but I have had to neglect my blog.

Sometime ago I posted on Facebook that I was going to make a dress out of the pink tiger/leopard print fabric. I did make this dress & I have worn it several times. I made a feature out of the sleeves by adding some lace to them.  It was really me trying to save fabric. As you can see the panels of this pattern are quite wide. Which means that you waste quite a bit of fabric as you can’t lay the panels out side by side. When I looked at the pattern, I was going to waste fabric & buy extra for the sleeves, which were too wide to place at the side of the skirt panels. So, I decided to put two rows of lace on the sleeve. By doing this I was able to cut the sleeve from the waste at the side of the skirt panels.

I cut two thirds of the sleeve from one piece & a third from another piece. Then placed the two pieces side by side & place the lace over the join. I then zig-zagged the lace on & trimmed away the excess from underneath. A second piece of lace was placed at the side of the first one & treated in the same way. (I do have a small amount of this beautiful lace in the shop).Hey presto a beautiful design feature.

This dress is very comfortable to wear & in the hot weather we have had in the last couple of weeks, very cool. The fabric also requires very little ironing. (always a good thing).  I have made the dress before, last Summer out of this black fabric. I do have a small amount of it left in the shop.

I’m working on another project using this pattern & will share the idea later on when it’s complete.