Bargain Bundles

Bargain Bundles.

As some of you will remember I like to get my hands-on bundles of fabric for the shop. I haven’t been able to get any recently but the day before I was due to go away on holiday, I was offered a bundle of lace pieces. I have had this offer before & the lace was first class. So, I decided to get some in the shop. My only frustration was that there were two large bags of lace sitting in the shop & I had to go away on holiday!!! No time to even go through them.

I have been back from holiday now for two weeks & I have been having a ball going through the bags & pricing up the contents. I ran a couple of make your own courses on the first week I was back & I had managed to sort out a few pieces by then. They sold like hotcakes. One lady on the course bought a piece of black cotton lace & some silk dupion in the shop & then went upstairs & made a beautiful sleeveless top using the pattern we made on the Fit to Finish course earlier on in the year.

The pieces range from small bits useful for lingerie making which are in my lingerie bit box for £1.99, & pieces from 30cms to a couple of meters. Some of this lace should be between £12 & £25 per mtr. There are also some oddments of very unusual fabric. I have now gone through one of the bags & the shop is overloaded with them.

I’m opening the shop on the following days, if you are passing or fancy a day out it would be worth it to get a bargain. These pieces won’t be on the website as there are too many to keep pace with, so the only way to get your hands on them is to visit. Just to tempt you here are some photos.

Wednesday 28th August 10-2.30pm

Friday 30th August 10-4pm

Monday 9th September 1-4pm

Tuesday 10th September 10-4pm

Friday 20th September 10-3pm