Things you can do with bits of lace

Using up Bits of Lace

Those of you who follow my blog will know that we have recently had a batch of lace pieces in the shop. I have been asked, what’s the point of having pieces of lace in, what can we do with them. Well to me these pieces create a lot of opportunities to do all sorts of things. The most obvious I to make lingerie. I like nothing better than having lace knickers. Something I inherited from my Mum, she loved having lace knickers. Trimming the cups of a bra is also something you can do with a very small piece of lace. Camisoles & teddies benefit from lace inserts.

There are lots of bits of garments that can be made of lace fabric. Sleeves, yokes & panels can all be done in lace. The top I make all the time for Wendy has been changed around & fabrics bits used. The top below is a piece of fabric bought to make the front of a waistcoat. There wasn’t enough fabric for the sleeves, so, a lace piece came in very useful. Along with the panels at the side.


The same top with lace panels & yoke has become a firm favourite.

The ultimate made from scraps dress I have made is this wedding dress which I made for the NEC show a few years ago.


I had a piece of Ivory silk dupion which was very dirty on one edge so couldn’t be sold in the shop. I just cut off the edge & used the rest. The piece of lace, again was dirty when it came in. The piece of pink silk was left over from the lining of a Chanel style jacket & the piece of fabric under the lace at the sides is also a remnant I had in the shop. The lace knickers pictured above actually came from the leftovers of this dress. So, leftover leftovers!