Showerproof Coat

Showerproof Coat

I’ve just finished making myself a showerproof coat. Trying to decide which colour fabric to use was the first big decision but I eventually went with the red padded coat fabric we have recently had in the shop. I decided that I needed a new coat after I made my sister Wendy a coat like this last year. She has been delighted with the coat as it’s lightweight but very warm to wear. It’s taken a while to decide on the style for this coat but eventually I used the same pattern as I did for Wendy’s coat, but I didn’t want big patch pockets on mine. The last couple of coats I’ve made have had big pockets. This time I put on welt pockets, just like a man’s top pocket only much bigger.

Having made the pockets Wendy pointed out that I didn’t have a secure pocket for putting money or credit cards inside, for when I’m going to places where I don’t take a handbag with me. So, I made a zipped pocket just underneath the main pocket. I’ve also added an inside pocket. The lining is the polyester printed pongee lining with a paisley pattern.

Both the lining & the padded fabric have made up easily. I used just an ordinary 80s needle in the machine. I learnt a lesson from making Wendy’s coat & counted the pins I put into the seams, so I’m hoping we won’t have a repeat of the last coat where we were pulling pins out of it for the first month of her wearing it. The pins do tend to slip out of the seams before you get around to sewing it.

I got a bit stuck in the middle of making this coat as I had to wait for the open- end zips to be delivered. My supplier said it would be two weeks for delivery, I thought that was reasonable as I hadn’t started the coat when I ordered the zips, but it took 3 ½ weeks for them to finally arrive. I got everything on the coat made as far as I could go but then had to wait. I don’t know about you, but once I get started on a project, I like everything there, so I don’t get held up. I had to wait over a week for the zip.

As soon as the zip arrived, I got to work & now have a finished coat. I decided to put buttons on the flap instead of press studs. I’ve been dying to use these lovely red & gold buttons ever since they arrived in the shop. I wore the coat to walk to work this morning. The wind was howling but none of it got through this coat. I’m waiting for it to rain so I can test out the showerproof element of this fabric. I’m really pleased with the result. We do have this fabric & matching zips in the shop now. I am expecting a couple of ladies to bring this fabric to the make your own courses soon to make their coats up.