Lockdown Blog 1

Lockdown Blog 1
I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since we started this lockdown. I’ve been so busy the time has flown. I used to work from home when I ran my dressmaking business a long time ago. So, it’s sort of the same. Of course, when I was working from home, I had customers coming & going all day for fittings & consultations. I used to nip down to the village to get haberdashery as well. So, here are my tips for working from home.
I’ve tried to keep as near as possible to a working day. I have allowed myself an extra half hour in bed in the morning but have been getting up at 7am. I’ve also been getting dressed as if I going to the shop. Except for today, I’m doing dress down Friday. (The first time I’ve ever had the chance to do it)!
I’ve been answering all my emails & checking for orders first thing. So, I know if I have to go down to the shop. I then catch up on paperwork. I’ve never been so up on paperwork; my accountant will be very pleased.
I am tending to go down to the shop just after lunchtime, so, if you need anything, get the order in before 1pm.

I have been tiding up my workroom at home, so I can do some sewing. This is the ideal time to try out all the patterns we have been meaning to make & never got around to. I have been promising Wendy, that I will make her some dresses to wear for work which have longer sleeves. (She has a wardrobe full of summer dresses). The pattern I chose is an old 1980’s one, which I made up a few times when the pattern was new. Knowing that the 80’s patterns had big shoulders on them, I was able to do that alteration before cutting out the dress. I usually make a toile from calico for most things I make but having used the pattern before & knowing Wendy’s shape I decided to cut straight into the fabric. The fabric shown in the picture is a lightweight embroidered cord. Having fitted it, I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern & then drew out a brand-new version in dot & cross paper, as it is easier to work with a clean pattern.

I’m just about to re-stitch the dress making all the alterations. I then have a perfectly fitting pattern so that I can just cut it out & sew it up. I know that doing it this way is a very long drawn out boring job but from now on I can just cut & sew as many dresses as she needs for work.
The other thing I have been spending some time on is my garden. Nature, of course doesn’t know what is going on & things are beginning to bud up as usual. We have been growing some plants from seed & as you can see from the photo I can barely get into my conservatory. I’m hoping to get some of them out this weekend, under glass, otherwise I’m not going to be able to sit in the conservatory at all. We do have another lot of seeds growing in the spare bedroom, to get them started.

I hope you all stay safe at this strange time. If you need anything sending out, just let me know. Sewing will save us all from boredom so don’t let a lack of supplies hold you back. Just think of the fantastic clothes we can show off when all of this is over.