Lockdown Blog 2

Lockdown Blog 2
Another week gone by and we are still in lockdown. I think I’m starting to get used to this. We have got into a routine now and I feel quite settled. We are getting up slightly later than when we are at work properly but only by about half an hour. The thing that is amazing me is the amount of jobs you can get done when you are not at work. I always said that work gets in the way of my social life but now I can see it gets in the way of lots of other things as well.
I’m not doing as much sewing as I thought I would, but I am still making sure that I sew for at least an hour before I start work, whenever I can. I did finish the cord dress for Wendy, as you can see from the picture. She now wants more making in the same style.
Once I’d finished making this dress I decided to try and tidy up my workroom at home. I started with the patterns I have drafted out and never used. I came across a jacket pattern which I was very excited about when I saw it, but never got around to making it. I have set about making the toile for it. Having done jacket fittings for myself for a number of years I know some of the alterations I need to do to make it fit better. I have to take out ½” on the double for a sway back alteration. Move the shoulder seams forward by 3/8” and take out ¼” on the front panels and collar for a hollow chest. These are the alterations which I identified when I first did the trials for the Fit to Finish jacket course. I have put them into all of the jacket patterns I have made ever since, and it works every time. I will, hopefully be running this and all my other fitting courses later on in the year.
I then decided to clean out my bookshelves in my workroom. These shelves hold lots of sewing books of course. The overflow is in my main bookstore. A small box room upstairs which we laughingly call the library. (I don’t think lockdown will last long enough for me to tidy out that room!)
I took all the books and paperwork off the shelves and then spent a couple of hours going through them all. Wow, I came across lots of things I had forgotten about, several books that I hadn’t read for ages including one all about making slippers. This started my mind working on all sorts of projects using up scraps of fabric. I came across some leftover fur fabric from another project, so, when I get the chance, I’m going to give it a go. I’ll let you know how I get on.
The orders online are still coming in thick and fast. Thank you. We are going down to the shop every weekday (Barring Bank Holidays, there is no point in going down when the post office is closed). I’m still sending out the parcels by first class post, but the post office is struggling a bit at the moment due to staff shortages and mail is being delayed by quite a few days in some cases. It seems to be worse going North from Leicester. Please be patient when waiting for your supplies they are doing the best they can under very difficult circumstances. I never send out my confirmation emails until the parcel is ready for posting, so I’m doing my bit but I’m not responsible for the postal delivery times. Sorry I can’t hurry them up.
I will be going down to the shop later on as we have had lots of orders in over the Easter break. I’m hoping we can get them all done this afternoon but there are quite a few. Make sure you stay safe and keep posting your sewing efforts on to my Facebook page. It’s great to see all of them.