Lockdown Blog 3

This is a very strange world we are living in. I’m still managing to get down to the shop once every week- day to send out the orders coming in via the website. The rest of the time I’m working from home. It has been very busy on the orders front, so I’ve not had much time to think about sewing.
This week, the only thing I managed to make was a pair of slippers. From the book I found in my workroom. As you can see from the picture, they have turned out quite well. I love wearing these sort of soft slippers around the house, they can go in the wash when they get dirty unlike conventional slippers. You can’t of course, go outside in them, but slippers were never made to go out in! I am intending to make some more & get a bit more creative with them. I blame my next door neighbour for having to make the slippers.
A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning the windows in my conservatory, a job which usually takes most of the morning. My next door neighbour poked her head over the fence to say, did I want to borrow her Karcher window vacumn. I love gadgets, so jumped at the chance to play.
It was something we had looked at but restrained ourselves, as we buy gadgets & then don’t use them. It was amazing the windows were done in a very short time & looked better than I’ve manged to do them. So, I had to have one for myself. It has arrived & I set to work cleaning the windows in my workroom at home.
This didn’t take very long & I hung up the clean net curtain & was very pleased with myself. Then as I mentioned in the last blog post, I looked at the bookshelf at the side of the window, it hadn’t been sorted or cleaned for longer than I’m prepared to admit. So, I set to work & cleared the whole thing. This was when I found the slipper book. Slippers, of course don’t take very much fabric & so I thought I would go through my leftover bit basket to find something suitable. I finished up about an hour later with a big bag of fabric which would make slippers. I also threw out a lot of bits which shouldn’t have been kept in the first place. See all this trouble just because I tried out a new gadget!
There was one other thing I’ve finished this week & that was a jumper I’ve been knitting since last Autumn. It won’t do me any good at the moment as it is a jumper with a polo neckline ready for the Winter. Oh well, at least I’ll be prepared.
You may remember in the last blog I mentioned finding a jacket pattern that I had drafted sometime ago. I made the toile for it, when I came to do the fitting, I realised that I didn’t actually like the style of the jacket at all. I could have done some tweaks to the pattern to make it fit, but it wouldn’t have made it any better. So, I threw the pattern & the toile in the bin. You may say what a waste of time & effort. I don’t think so, yes, it took time to draft the pattern & make the toile, but I would really have been angry if I’d cut straight into my beautiful wool & cashmere suiting, I was intending to make the jacket from.
I’m hoping to get some sewing done over the weekend. I’m going to do what I have to do when I’m working properly & set aside the time. I really thought I might get a lot of sewing done during this lockdown!