Lockdown Blog 4

Lockdown Blog 4.
I have managed to finish this Summer top. This fabric has been kicking around in my stash forever. As with most of the fabric in the stash it has a story. The fabric is a lightweight pure cotton batik. I was given this piece of fabric about 25years ago by an elderly lady who I was making some clothes for. She had bought this fabric in Africa several years before she gave it to me. She had decided that the fabric was too bright for her as her hair colouring had faded. She made me promise to make it up and not leave it in the stash. I, of course, swore that I would make it up. I’ve always felt really guilty for not using it. So, now I can relax. I’m not sure if the lady is still around but I’m sure she would be delighted to know that I have made it up.
Anyway, to get back to the top. The fabric is very lightweight, and you can see through it, it also creases as soon as you look at it. So, problem number one was what to do to make the fabric suitable to make up. I did first of all wonder whether to just get a piece of cotton lawn and interline it, but the cotton lawn made the fabric a bit too stiff. I also needed to make the fabric, so I couldn’t see through it. Fusible interfacing had to be the answer. After laying the fabric over different weights of the interfacing, I decided to use Fine sheer Fusible. Once all the pieces had been cut out, I cut the interfacing exactly the same. Then before I started any sewing, I fused all the pieces. The fabric immediately became just what I needed for the job. The added bonus with interfacing the whole garment is, that you have a second layer to stitch all the hems to, this means no stitches to be seen on the right side.
The pattern was one that I had saved from the monthly Burda magazines. It’s a very simple design and didn’t take very much making up. I really like the detail on the yoke piece. I think it will be a very useful top, once the Summer weather returns.