Lockdown Blog 5

I’m not getting on very well with getting down to doing my sewing. I am busy with all the orders coming in for English Couture. Thank you if you have placed your order with me. I’m also doing lots of research into doing online courses & that’s taking up more time than I would like. So, sewing keeps getting moved down the list of things to do.
I have managed to finish my brown jeans. I used the brown stretch denim we have in the shop. I am really pleased with the way they fit. A good advert for making toiles & doing the long boring job of fitting before you start a project. I made this pattern for jeans about two years ago & now I just cut the pattern out now & make up the jeans. I don’t need to mess about trying them on.
As you can see from the photos, I did some embroidery on the back pockets. This is an old disc I bought a long time ago. It is supposed to be standalone lace panels, but I think it works very well as an ordinary embroidery. I had forgotten about it, until I started to sort out my embroidery designs. This is another thing that’s keeping me from sewing. Suddenly, I’ve got the bug for sorting out things. It’s very weird for me to do this sort of thing but quite interesting.

Also, on the photo’s you can see the inside of the jeans. I like to make jeans as lightweight as possible. On the inside of the pockets I use a piece of bleached calico or cotton. On the waistband, I only use the denim on the front side of the band, on the inside, I use up all my leftover pieces of cotton. It makes a lovely detail, uses up the leftover fabric & makes the waistband lightweight, so it doesn’t feel bulky around the middle. This cotton fabric is a piece of Paul smith cotton, we had in the shop a long time ago, I made Wendy a shirt out of it.
I can’t wait to wear them, maybe next weekend, if I’m not doing painting or gardening jobs!