Lockdown Post 6

Lockdown Blog 6
It’s been a while since my last blog post. I haven’t really been doing anything that would interest any sewers out there. I’ve been doing what most of the country or even world has been doing whilst we can’t go out. Sorting out drawers, cubby holes & rooms. I’ve also decorated a spare bedroom which is now a hobbies room & made some curtains. (the most boring sewing job ever)!!
Last week, I just had to get back to some proper sewing. As you can see, I made a pair of cut off trousers for Wendy. These trousers are the latest instalment of a saga which started about 4 years ago. It started with a trip to one of my wholesalers. It’s always fatal for me to visit in person, as I always come away with something, I want rather than supplies for the shop. This particular company always had ends of rolls of fabric by the checkout. This trip, I found a pack with around 3.5mtrs of pale mint green poly/cotton with a small white spot on it. Wendy was with me and she immediately pick it up bagging it for a pair of pyjamas.
Fast forward a couple of years, I was preparing to go to the NEC and had decided to demonstrate the techniques for making shirts. I cut out several shirts to make on the stand. I needed another shirt but had no suitable fabric in the stash other than this piece of mint cotton, so Wendy decided that a mint green shirt would be just what she needed.

This of course, left some fabric over but not enough to make another shirt. We dressmakers have a thing about not wasting fabric, so this piece of fabric was a bit of a pain. By chance, I bought a bulk buy of lace pieces for the shop. Amongst the pieces there was a pale green piece, and it matched the fabric beautifully. So, I made another short sleeved shirt, using the lace for the sleeves and yokes of the shirt. The pattern for this shirt has its own story of recycling, it’s too long a tale to go into now.
So, Wendy got two shirts for the price of one. But that left some lace, left over from the second shirt.

She wore the shirt down to the shop a couple of weeks ago and discovered that the coool wool we have in the shop  matched the shirt. So, she bought enough to do the trousers. I used up some of the left over lace for trimming the bottoms.
So, three garments stemming from one piece of original fabric and the leftovers. That should be it, but wait, I think that there may be enough of the lace left over from the trousers to make a pair of knickers.

The lengths we go to, so we don’t waste fabric!