Teaching Under Covid Rules

I am managing to teach at the moment with a few changes to normal. To keep in line with government rules we all have to stay 2mtrs apart. This can cause a few problems when you are teaching sewing skills.

I have re-arranged the workroom so that the workstations are measured at 2mtrs apart. Those of you who have attended my courses before will know that I usually have all the tables placed together but for the time being I have moved the tables into the four corners of the room, two placed together. This means that I can only have a maximum of 4 students on any of the courses. But I can, at least keep on running the courses. Which has been a relief to some of my students, meaning they can get out for the day and forget what is going on in the rest of the world.

If we need to get closer together than 2mtrs, for demonstration purposes or if you need me to do a fitting, we both need to wear face masks. It will only be for the duration of the fitting or demo, but it will keep us all safe.

I am sanitising the room as much as I can. This means me getting in early on course days. Sanitiser is available in both the workroom and the shop whenever you need it.

My sandwich lady is now back and functioning as usual, so if you want to treat yourself to lunch you can. If you feel safer bringing your own food, that’s fine too. Tea and coffee is available as usual, but again, if you want to bring your own mugs or drinks, that’s fine.

If you want to shop in the shop before, at lunchtime or after the course finishes, we will need to wear a face mask, but you are welcome to browse for as long as you like. We have had some interesting fabric in the shop, so it is worth having a look. I will accept cash or card as payment. I have the technology to wash my hands after I’ve handled the money, so it’s no problem.

Ladies who have been on the courses have said how safe they feel on the courses. One even said that she felt like she had been on a spa day after being cooped up for so long.

I will be doing my dates for next year in November as usual, they will be up on the website as soon as they are available. The brochure will be out in January. With the situation as it is at the moment, I’m getting a lot of swopping and changing as people find they can’t attend the courses. So, I’m running a list of names to come to courses at the last minute. If you want to book a course and find that it is full on the website, it is worth letting me know that you are interested in attending and I will let you know if a place becomes available. I have already had several places filled using this system.

I’m hoping, like the rest of the country, that this won’t last for long and as soon as I can, the numbers will be back up to normal student levels. Until then, I hope you will bear with me if you can’t come to the course you want to.

I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible soon, so you can enjoy your own dressmaker’s spa day out.