Students Work.

A few weeks ago I was sent these lovely pictures by a couple of my students who came on the course to make a jacket as origianally made by Mlle Chanel. On this course we follow the traditional way to make one of these jackets which envoles quilting the lining to the outside fabric.

Both of the ladies used a Linton tweed for their jackets. The one above was nick named Tutti-Frutti by the lady making it. The other jacket is made in a more sober, but classy black and white fabric, this fabric could be worn with just about anything.

The trims for these jackets were made using scraps left over, once the jackets were cut out.

I love the pockets, which were added after this jacket was finished.

These jackets are great. The idea behind the design was to make a jacket which was comfortable to wear when working but also to look smart. You can wear the jacket with a matching or contrast shirt or trousers. Over a dress or even teamed up with a pair of jeans.

Judging by the smiles on the ladies faces in other photos, I think they were very pleased with their jackets. They really should be pleased they look great.

I’m going to be running this course again next year, so if this has inspried you to have a go. You can book now.

Make the Classic Jacket as Created by Mlle. Chanel

The course is not until later on in the year, so it should run without a hitch.