Fabric Bargains on the Website.

Just before the lockdown in November I had a delivery of fabric pieces in the shop. These pieces are usually snapped up by my students in the shop. I don’t normally put them on to the website as it takes so much time to do it, but, as I’m not teaching at the moment, I decided to put some of them on to the site. The picture shows just one of them.

These fabrics are beautiful mainly pure wool fabrics. The length of each piece is on the site and I haven’t any more or less of this fabric. You will have to buy the piece if you want the fabric. Most of the pieces are around 2mtrs in length, so, there should be enough to make a jacket, coat or skirt on each piece.

I could send out a sample of the fabric if necessary, but the piece will remain on the website and I only have one piece of each fabric. So, if it sells before you get the sample, I’m sorry.

The cost of each piece is on the website but because they are only pieces the price is reduced, from the normal cost for pure wool. For the time being these are the only pieces I’m putting onto the website to see how they go, if there is a big demand for them, I will put on more.

So, if you fancy grabbing a bargain this week, go ahead and order now. Once the piece is gone that’s it.