Using up my Lingerie Fabric Stash

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to make some new lingerie. I opened my lingerie drawer and almost everything seemed to be the same grey/beige colour. That’s one of the problems with making your own lingerie, it doesn’t wear out in the same way as the shop bought stuff. The fabric is still good, but the colour has faded.

Great idea, new lingerie always makes me feel good. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing on the outside if you know you have beautiful lingerie on it really makes you feel special.

I have been collecting pieces of lingerie fabric of all shapes sizes and colours for over 20 years. A long time before I had English Couture. The last time I sorted it out, I went out and bought a couple of the storage boxes which go under the bed. I then had to go out again and buy another two, so I could house all the fabric!  This still left a couple of carrier bags over.

This time I have sorted the pieces out, into colours, well I had to start somewhere. I left out the pieces that I fancied working on first. Some of these pieces of fabric came from a contact who had worked in the lingerie industry and sold off some of her samples. There are still some fantastic pieces from her, along with some odd pieces which came from a factory I bought a lot of stock from when they closed down. I always finish up with the odd dirty pieces from the ends of the rolls when they come into the shop. I can’t bear to throw them away until I’ve tried washing them first.

With all the sorting out done it was time to start cutting out. I think my favourite fabric is the one with embroidered butterflies on it, (you can see this fabric on the knickers picture) I only have a small amount of this left now. It was a piece I bought from a supplier who only had this one piece in stock. I tried to get a roll for the shop but it wasn’t available.  A few of the small pieces of plain fabric make great linings for the bras, leaving more of the really special fabric for the main pieces of the bras and knickers. Of course, when it came to the trimmings, I had a lovely time matching up the colours for the lace, strapping and elastic etc. There was a few bits missing but I know a great shop that filled in the missing bits.

One of the garments I’ve been meaning to make for a while is a vest like garment with built in padding on the shoulders. I have one of these to wear underneath a big, knitted dress, that I quite often wear in the shop. It gives me a bit more shape in the shoulders and adds another layer of clothing to keep me warm. It is a very lightweight garment as well, so doesn’t add bulk. I have also cut one of these out.

To date I have made a couple of bras, and 3 pairs of knickers that match. I have got a few more things cut out as well. My aim is to use enough of the fabric up, that I can empty the carrier bags into the storage boxes. I don’t think I need to ever buy any more lingerie fabric in my life but don’t tempt me, I know, the next beautiful piece that arrives in the shop will somehow find its way into my stash!