Tying Up Loose Ends

I have just realised that between this blog and my newsletter I have left a few loose ends. Photos I promised to post after projects were finished. So, here is the catch up so you can see what I’ve been doing.

Just after Christmas I started to make a shirt using the beautiful grey stretch satin. I did post a photo of the collar as it was being constructed. I was very pleased with the collar, as this sort of fabric is not easy to construct a collar usually. I used the new stretch interfacing on it, and it turned out well. Here is a photo of the finished shirt.

I haven’t worn it yet I’m waiting until I start teaching again to give it its’ first outing.

The second project I mentioned was a denim dress. I love wearing dresses during the Summer and decided that a winter weight dress would be nice. I chose the black stretch denim to make it in. There was a lot of pieces to the pattern, but it all went together very well. I particularly like the pocket details on the bodice.

I have worn this dress to go down to the shop to send out the orders. It is very comfortable.

Now, I’m working on some bits and pieces for my bedroom. I recently wallpapered it and now the soft furnishings need renewing. I’m waiting for the fabric to come in for the curtains, but I’ve managed to get some sheeting to make bed linen. I’ve made a fitted sheet which actually fits the bed! The quilt cover I wanted to make involved painting panels with the same pattern as the wallpaper. When I got out my fabric paints, I discovered that they had gone hard. When I tried to replace them, I discovered that the company no longer exists. So, I’ve had to use another brand. They are not quite as good as the original paints, but I think I can live with them. This is the first panel I’ve done.

This is a project which is going to take time. Once that’s done, I’ve only got the curtains, a bedhead a light shade and a stool to cover, and the room will be finished. I guess that’s me sorted for a couple of weeks!