New Shirt Canvas

This blog is for anyone who has been on my Perfect Shirt course. I found out recently that they no longer make the fusible shirt canvas that I have been using on the course for over twenty years. I can’t find another fusible canvas that works sucessfully with a domestic iron , so I’ve bought in some non fusible collar canvas, and some heavy cotton fusible to work hand in hand with it.

So you can still make beautiful shirt collars and cuffs I though I’d give you the details of how I’m using the new interfacings.

I’m cutting the canvas for the main collar on the cross as before, minus the seam allowances. The two end pieces are cut in the heavy cotton fusible with the straight grain going along the end of the collar. Fuse the end tips to the canvas.

I’m then cutting a piece of the Heavy cotton fusible on the cross the same size as the main collar piece. Put the canvas on to the collar, in the correct position. Place the cotton fusible over the top and fuse in place. The heavy cotton fuible will stick to the canvas and the seam allowance holding the canvas in place.


I then make up the collar as before, again using the edge of the canvas as your guide.  I really like the look this canvas, heavy cotton fusible gives to a collar. I hope you like it too.

If you haven’t done the course and would like to learn how to make perfect shirts, here is the link through to the website so you can book a place.

Sample Collection I – Perfect Shirts