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Michelle Pye September 19, 2017 0

Zip Placement. There must be hundreds of ways to put in a zip. Lots of people swear by the method they use & won’t use any other. I use 3 different zip placements for my dressmaking & tailoring projects. I never use concealed zips, as they are the weakest zips

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Michelle Pye September 15, 2017 1

Jackets are Finished. I have at last finished the two jackets I started work on during the two tailoring courses I ran in the Summer. I thought you might like to see the difference in the sleeve application. I use silk organza selvedge  to make putting sleeves in very easy.

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Michelle Pye August 15, 2017 0

Tailoring Interlinings. One of the main differences between Traditional & Speed Tailoring are the interlinings used in the front or T-Zone. In traditional Tailoring a Canvas is used as the main interlining. This is then teamed with a heavier canvas plus a domette chest piece or plastron. These are basted

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Michelle Pye August 3, 2017 0

Wrap or Kimono? I’ve been watching with interest the latest growing fad in the fashion industry. I first heard whispers of this about two years ago. Wearing short kimono’s as a soft jacket. I’ve always viewed kimonos in two ways, first the beautiful full length Japanese traditional dress made of

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Michelle Pye June 6, 2017 0

Balenciaga Exhibition at the V & A Last week when I was on holiday I went down to London for a couple of days.  Whilst I was there I visited my second home, the V & A museum to see their latest exhibition on the fashion designer Balenciaga. If you

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Michelle Pye May 22, 2017 2

Tailoring, Speed or Traditional? Is a question I’m always being asked about. To start with what is the difference? Speed tailoring is a form of tailoring using fusible interfacing’s. Traditional Tailoring is as the name suggests a form of tailoring using traditional canvases. Which one should I use? My answer

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Michelle Pye May 3, 2017 2

Unfinished Projects.. I’m feeling rather smug about my sewing at the moment. I carried on with the theme of finishing up all my unfinished projects & the dress in this picture which only needs hand finishing is the last one. The list I have done is far too boring to

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Michelle Pye April 6, 2017 0

Chatsworth House Exhibition. I spent a rather wonderful day at Chatsworth house last Sunday. The House Style: Five centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth, is well worth a visit. I was in my element. All the beautiful rooms at Chatsworth have been turned into a fashion museum. There are all sorts

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Michelle Pye April 5, 2017 2
The Boys gather. Photography Course

Photography Course. Last Friday I sneaked a day off from the shop. I had booked a photography course at Hammerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire. We started out bright & early to get to this fantastic little zoo. After a brief safety talk where we had to sign a waiver form, (just

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Michelle Pye April 5, 2017 0
result of finishing off

Results of Finishing off. Posting to the whole world that you are going to finish off projects certainly focuses the mind. I did manage to get a few projects finished. My sister, as usual came off better than I did. I finished her a top to go over trousers. This

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