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Michelle Pye Tuesday, May 15, 2018 2
Butterfly Shirt

My mind is always working overtime to get new ideas for all sorts of clothing. Lots of ladies who come on my courses are a bit disappointed with some of the ideas I come up with as they involve embroidery machines. I am fortunate that I have this sort of machine, & I like to use it wherever possible. However, when I came across these beautiful lace butterflies I decided to create something, that everyone who has a sewing machine could reproduce.

Butterfly Shirt

The shirt is a pattern that I have used many times, so I didn’t need to worry about the fit. The fabric is a polyester cotton that came out of my stash. I even managed to get the buttons out of my button box & they were a perfect match. This is something which never happens. I used Fusible shirt canvas in the collar & fine cotton fusible in the front band. I did the pattern on the front before I made anything up. First of all I placed the butterflies on to the shirt making sure that they didn’t finish up under the arm or collar or directly on the bustline. I then draw the swirly lines on using tailors chalk. I placed an embroidery stabiliser under the fabric & then stitched along the lines using a triple straight stitch. This stitch is on most machines as it’s usually used to reinforce seams. I use this stitch for the crotch seams on trousers. Finally, I used one of the line embroidery stitches on the machine. Instead of using it in a line, I just embroidered one repeat of the pattern at a time & dotted little blobs in places around the design. A really simple idea, which I think looks quite special.

I made the shirt up using the techniques I teach on the Sample collection I Perfect Shirts course. Making shirts is one of my favourite things to do, as you get to do so many different techniques. I find that it works very well for all types of shirts, whether you want a formal shirt or a more relaxed approach. I’m going to enjoy wearing this Butterfly Shirt all Summer. There’s one garment made from my Summer wardrobe list.





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