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Michelle Pye Wednesday, December 19, 2018 2
Padded Coat

I have, at last managed to finish the padded coat for my sister Wendy. Those of you who have been following the progress of this coat will know that she kept on changing her mind about details, like the pockets. I loved working with the fabric & it made up really easily. I had this fabric in the shop a couple of months ago & it sold out within days. As you can see from the photo’s the coat is down to the knee. This is to stop it being cold on her legs when she sits outside watching football. It had numerous pockets, & even pockets within pockets.

I have seen lots of padded coats, which look very shapeless so I put an elastic casing at the waist to give a bit of shape without being fitted. This fabric does not take too kindly to being fitted tightly.
Padded Coat

Of course, a hood is essential at this time of the year. This hood does right up to the chin & I cut it just for Wendy, as she wears glasses, I cut the front of the hood to come out over them to stop her getting raindrops on the lenses.

Padded Coat

I also like the little features on the back, first, a pleat across the upper back. The longer centre back makes sure that when she sits down on to cold or wet seats she has her trousers protected.

She has been wearing this coat non-stop since I finished it a couple of weeks ago. On several occasions, she has had to undo it, as it is a very warm coat. Let’s just hope that continues when the colder weather comes in.

I sold lots of this fabric & I would love to see what everyone else did with theirs. Send me some photos when you get the chance.




  1. Marge

    Love the coat. I like all the details you have.I bought the fabric and lining and have cut out a jacket but my mojo needs a boost as I didn’t sew over Xmas.

    • Michelle Pye

      Hi, Glad you like the coat. I usually make something really easy after a sewing break. This gets me back in to it & then I can get on to the more complicated projects. I would love to see the jacket when it’s finished. Michelle

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