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Michelle Pye Wednesday, January 16, 2019 1
Sewing Over the Holidays

Sewing Over the Holidays

Did you manage to get time to sew over the holidays? With all those people to see, cooking & partying to do, my time was very limited. I also spent some time tidying up a corner of my workroom. In a pile of stuff, I found a couple of pairs of jeans which only wanted buttons putting on them. One in black denim & the other in the cream denim. Both of these fabrics I have in the shop. I did remember the cream ones but the black ones I had completely forgotten about. I now have two new pairs of jeans.

Cream Jeans

I spent some time before Christmas cutting out a few things, just in case I found a few minutes. I managed to get this top finished but not for Christmas day as I had planned. I did wear it when we went out to the theatre one evening. I like the simplicity of it.

I made it from a piece of fabric I had left over from another shirt. There wasn’t enough fabric to do sleeves or facings, but I think this piece of lace looks fantastic on the sleeves. The lace trim around the bottom of the sleeves was a faulty piece I had in the shop, which managed to find its way home! I used a piece of cotton lawn for the facing, as it’s inside, you can’t tell it’s a different fabric.

The other project I just managed was this bra.

I have quite a lot of bras in my drawer, but they all seem to have lost their colour or are fading. Now, I follow my Mum’s advice & always put on clean underwear, just in case you get knocked over, but even though the bras are clean they don’t look nice. So, I’m going to make some more & this is the first off, the production line. (It might be the last for a while, if I get an idea for making something else)! All the bits & pieces came out of my stash, so I didn’t need to buy anything. There was enough of this fabric to make matching knickers as well.  When I wear this set I’ll be properly dressed in case I get knocked down!




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