Tailors Thimble ECH100


Tailors thimble. Available in three sizes Small, Medium & Large.

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Tailors Thimble

A tailors thimble has no end in it because you use the back of your finger to push the needle through. This is of course where your nail is so therefore is the strongest part of your finger.

Available in three sizes Small, Medium & Large.

Sold per thimble.

All our orders are sent out by 1st class post, unless it is very large, these orders are sent by courier. We do our best to fill our orders within a couple of days of the order being placed. However, there are times when we are either very busy or away on business or holiday that we can’t send them out straight away. So, if you can place your order with at least 5 working days, notice of you needing the items it would be great.

If we come to fill your order & find out we don’t have enough stock, you will be informed as soon as possible of the shortage or a date for new stock to arrive. Most of our fabric stock can’t be repeated, so make sure you order enough to complete your project as we can’t guarantee further stock on some items.


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