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Michelle Pye Thursday, October 18, 2018 0

Simple Garment using Beautiful Fabric

I saw this lovely fabric when a wholesaler sent out his rep. in September. It is a Ponti Roma jersey print. It reminded me of a Picasso painting. So, I just had to have it in the shop. As soon as my sister Wendy saw it, she bought some. She likes a short kimono style cardigan to wear when she is sitting relaxing at night.


With fabric as busy as this one, a simple pattern works really well. It’s no use trying to do panelled patterns as this cuts up the design & can make it look very messy. The pattern I chose was very simple, a front, a back, sleeves & a band. I did add pockets in to the side seams as well. It is made up in a matter of hours. I used Fine Sheer Fusible in the band just to give it a bit of body but the rest of the fabric is as it comes. This fabric is quite a heavy weight & drapes beautifully.

I took these photo’s this morning on my phone as we were in a bit of a rush (as usual)!

Ponti Roma Jersey Print

This was a very simple make, as I said, now all I have to do is make up the other 3 pieces of new fabric she just had to have as soon as she saw them. One of them being the padded coating, which only came in this week.

Padded Coating

Padded Coating

She now needs a new coat, as the last one I made is not quite long enough to cover up her legs at the football. This fabric has proved very popular with my customers as well as Wendy. It is shower proof & I’m planning to put the gold paisley lining inside it. Of course, the coat has to have as many pockets as I can manage to fit in to one coat! This is going to take a bit longer than a couple of hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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