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Michelle Pye Friday, June 22, 2018 4

As you all will know I’m constantly fighting a losing battle with the amount of fabric I have in my stash. I find that lots of other jobs seem to get in the way of sewing but I do like a good excuse to sew & the Football World Cup is a great one. I’ve had lots of ladies already complaining about the amount of football there is on the TV. I like to think of it as a distraction for the footie fans in your life. Whilst they are tied up in front of the TV, you have plenty of time to get on with your sewing. I’ve had a great week so far during the football. I finished my black jeans, which I’ve been waiting a long time for. I’ve done several alterations including turning two sports shirts in to swimming vests for my nextdoor neighbour who flew to Australia in the middle of the week, he wants them to swim in the sea. (I didn’t ask)!
The picture below shows the dress for Wendy, which just needs hand finishing & pressing. We bought this fabric in Italy during a thunderstorm about 9 years ago in Italy. It was bought for a gathered summer skirt but It looks good as a dress.

And that’s just the first week.

The main picture is the same dress pattern, I made this dress for Wendy to go on holiday. She fell in love with this fabric when we saw it at a trade show in February. I bought in to sell in the shop & several ladies have bought it for different projects. The fabric makes up really easily, hangs beautifully & doesn’t crease, even when packed in a case to go away on holiday. She has decided that she likes to wear a dress instead of tops & bottoms. So I’ve gone through our stash & have come up with a few lengths, which will make these dresses. I’ve perfected the pattern & I can now run them up in next to no time.

These are the next three projects. The floral one is another sleeveless dress for Wendy, this fabric has probably been in the stash for over 20 years, it was bought to make a shirt but lends itself beautifully for a dress, it is a stretch cotton so should be very comfortable. The mad sheep jersey is for a nightshirt for me. Wendy bought both of us a piece of this fabric from a shop in Shrewsbury. She went shopping whilst I was teaching. I made her blue version up for last Christmas. The navy stripe is a lightweight stretch denim, which again has been in the stash for more years than I can remember. I’m going to make a pair of cut off trousers for our Jersey holiday. They are going to be a bit of a challenge, as I don’t think there is quite enough fabric for them to be cut out in a straightforward way.

If I keep this up we will both have a nice new wardrobe for our holiday in August & my stash will be down to under 50 pieces!!




  1. Diana Jolliffe

    I love hearing about your stash and your challenges of getting around to using it. It makes me feel so much better about mine. I am currently using my precious sewing time to make new linings for 2 sets of long curtains! But once they are re-hung ………… Best wishes, Diana

    • Michelle Pye

      I hope you get your curtains done quickly. I hate making curtains! I use any excuse I can to try & use up my stash. I promise myself that I won’t buy any more fabric until I’ve used what I have but then I spot some beautiful fabric & that is that.

  2. Janet Siddall

    Both dresses look lovely I particularly like the fabric you bought in Italy. I often make several versions of a pattern I feel comfortable in, the joy of being able to make your own as you wouldn’t buy more than one version of a dress from a shop.
    The trouble with using up the stash of course is that the wardrobe then starts to overflow!!
    I am going to the Create and Craft exhibition at the weekend(free tickets) so you know what that means!

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