This is the be-all and end-all of making your own amazing tailored jacket. Such an amazing book about professional tailoring in an easy approach to sewing. This is sadly a dying tradition. Unfortunately, we look overseas and accept low-quality products, I think we should look into our own industries and again make quality fabrics as we have excellent knowledge about producing fabric and the knowledge of how to make beautiful garments. At last, Michelle has brought to sewing as does Delia brings to cooking…

Amazing ladies….

– Zena Slade, 20th September 2021

  It’s beautiful! I’m back in the zone as soon as I open the cover. Oh, and thank you for your swift action in getting my parcel to me so quickly.

Your masterpiece has a place next to the bed for reference & learning! I am inspired.

I agree with everyone else – as soon as I start reading I can hear your voice and imagine myself in the workroom.

Thank you – its really good.

– Jane Mallard, 6th September 2021

   An excellent book full of all the know-how to make a beautiful tailored jacket. With easy instructions.

– Zena Slade, 6th September 2021

It’s fascinating, the explanations and pictures are so clear and easy to follow.
I am very much looking forward to actually making a jacket to be ready for the spring.
I am so excited and can’t wait to begin.

– Patricia Whittingham, 6th September 2021

Fantastic… beautiful fabrics and laces and trims. Classes in tailoring and dress making taught to the highest standard possible by an excellent teacher.

– Zena Slade, 1st August 2021

I recommend the English Couture Company highly and know of many designers and dressmakers who use them for all the haberdashery and construction items that are often very difficult to get hold of. Items are sent quickly and they are always willing to help if you need to get advice. Phone or email. I am always super happy with anything I have bought and the quality is excellent. My latest purchase doesn’t look very exciting but if you want stability on any seam, this tape is magic. You iron the wider part in your seam allowance and stitch on the opaque stitching line. No more stretched out seams, washes and irons perfectly.


– Helen Fleet, 28th July 2021

Your course was fantastic Michelle. Best course I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to do those buttonholes after watching you work your usual magic with such skill and expertise!

– Margaret McDonnell, February 2020

My advice to anyone who is thinking or would like to improve their sewing is to visit one of Michelle’s courses. She gives everything, advice, experience, and the insider knowhow, tips and tricks you would never think of or get from anywhere else. The skirt is a piece of material of very high quality purchased from English Couture Company. Not to be found anywhere else, I now have a very nice garment.


– Elaine, January 13th 2020

“What an inspiring day, I just had to go home and make the [waistcoat]. So much information given, not to be found anywhere else, or by anyone else, you are a star. I would advise anyone to attend your courses. The courses are run very professional and knowledgeable from someone having worked in the trade.”


– Elaine, JUNE 20, 2019

Rita in her wrap made on this course

My beautiful wrap in a day. Luxurious cotton satin with inserted lace. Sewing course with Michelle Pye at English Couture Company. A wonderful day sewing with a beautiful garment at the end.


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I want to say how much I enjoyed the ‘skirts, bustles and bows’ course yesterday. For the first time afterwards I really felt that I might actually be…



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