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Michelle Pye Wednesday, December 20, 2017 6

One of my favourite designers is Zandra Rhodes. So I was delighted to find that there was a new jacket pattern by her when the Vogue pattern book came out in the Autumn. I have a habit of buying patterns & not using them.

I bought this Zandra Rhodes pattern in the 1980’s & have never found a reason to make it up. I love the sleeves on this design & would love to use it.

I was not going to let this new pattern go the same way. So I set about searching through my fabric stash & came up with the red fabric with the trim already on it. The padded yoke on the jacket is made from a faulty piece of silk dupion I have in the shop. I couldn’t believe how well it matched the fabric in the stash. One edge of this whole roll has been marked. It probably would have washed out but I wasn’t prepared to risk changing the colour of it by washing it, so I just used it as a narrow fabric. I did have to do a bit of  juggling to get the lining skirt out but a discreet join here & there solved the problem.

I do enjoy machining quilting lines on fabrics. Once you get started on the straight lines I find it very relaxing. The finished effect is very pleasing. I used volume fleece for the wadding as I didn’t want it to be too padded. As you can see the shape of the bottom of the yoke is a beautiful shape & wasn’t that straight forward to join together but I think it went together quite well. I had to go against my tailoring instincts in the making up process & the way the lining is done really adds to the shaping on the jacket.

Zandra Rhodes Pattern

If you are making this pattern up just be careful of the back yoke pattern as they have drawn on the placement lines for the quilting & it looks for all the world as if it’s size cutting lines.

I now need to find a reason to wear it. The idea was to make it up to wear on New Year’s Eve but I’m wearing a scarlet dress & I think the two colours will clash. I will take it to the NEC show in March to put on display as I’m hoping to do a red & black stand. I think I win all round with this jacket as I have an emergency dressy jacket if needed, & I have used up one of the pieces of fabric which I bought with now idea what I was going to do with it.

Talking of the stash last New Year I posted that I was going to try making up some of the fabric in the stash. Yes, I heard you all laugh from here. I have actually managed to reduce my stash by about 10 pieces. Not bad heh! The fact that I’ve been making clothes all year must mean I’ve been buying fabric as well. My excuse is that I have to try out the fabric in the shop so when customers ask about it I can tell them all about Sewing Wearing & Laundering it. Now if I keep that up within the next five years I will have used up the stash so I can start buying fabric again. See there is no hope for me I’m addicted to fabric!!






  1. Janet Siddall

    Hi Michelle, I can really relate to this blog. Firstly I too buy patterns and never use them although I have great ideas in my head for them. Secondly I have also used up some of my stash this year but sadly felt the need to replace and replenish with new stock! Thirdly it will take more than 5 years for me to use up my stash but look on the bright side at least my addiction is not harmful to my health unless of course it falls on me when I open up the cupboard!!!!

    Wishing both you and Wendy a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.


    • Michelle Pye

      Hi Janet,
      It’s such a relief to know I’m not alone!! It would be a great way to go, if you were buried in an avalanche of beautiful fabric.
      I hope you & your family have a great Christmas & New Year. See you next year

  2. Margaret Murgatroyd

    Hello Michelle,
    I am a bit late with best wishes for the New Year but life has been a bit hectic here. However you will be pleased to hear I have still found time for sewing and drafting patterns – a new adventure but rather time-consuming. Several pairs of trousers in different styles are now in my wardrobe. Last year’s resolution to shrink the stash did not amount to much but I did go through my pattern stash and weed out some old favourites in size 10-14 that will be far too much bother to alter. (How long is it since I was size 10?) Other favourites, with all the alterations from the Fit to Finish course marked on them, have been used so many times they were falling apart so I have used iron-on interfacing to give them a new lease of life. The charity shops have done well as I made up packs of offcuts for people to use for patchwork, applique etc., some packs of buttons and trims and two lengths of fabric that I realised I was never going to use. Later I was delighted to see a local pub garden decorated with bunting made from my old dress materials!
    I am now shortening a jacket which I found it an inconvenient length – so am in a bad temper as I hate making alterations. Then on to more interesting projects which will shrink the stash buy two pieces.
    Sorry I won’t be seeing you at the NEC. I had planned to go but we have visitors staying that week. Hope all goes to plan and you enjoy it.

    • Michelle Pye

      Hi Margaret, Great to hear from you. At least you reduced the stash! Also great that you are having a clear out. Good luck with all your projects.

  3. Toni Leggate

    I just bought this pattern with the idea of making it in a faux suede for my daughters’ November wedding. With your experience do you think the soft faux suede will work Michelle? Thanks for any advice.

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